Powered Attic Fans

Active attic ventilation is the most effective way to get rid of hot air from the attic and bring in fresh, cool air from the outside, helping to lower the temperatures in the whole house.

Till just a few years ago, electric fans were the most popularly used devices for introducing active ventilation in the attic. However, solar attic fans are recently becoming more popular and are rapidly edging electric attic fans out from the top spot.

Let’s see how the two systems compare and why more and more homeowners today are choosing to installsolar attic fans.

The Environmental Factor

Electric fans utilize electricity which exhausts the earth’s energy reserves. Solar attic fans do not use up the earth’s resources and are an environmentally friendly solution to attic ventilation.

Energy Consumption

With electric fans you can expect ongoing electric power costs, which can go up significantly during the hot summer months. Solar attic fans run purely on solar energy so your power consumption is zilch. Imagine cooling your home without paying a dime extra on your utility bills!

Installation Costs

Because of the wiring involved, you will need to pay a professional electrician to have an electric fan installed. There’s no installation involved with solar attic fan.
You can simply and easily set it up yourself, adding to its overall cost effectiveness.