Brightening up any room at no cost

The Solar LED Skylight is a revolutionary new system that performs as an alternative to traditional skylights in that it is a solar-powered LED light that changes in brightness based on the amount of sun exposure to the solar panel.

Traditional skylights may be more expensive, more difficult to install and have several limitations. The biggest limitation is the fact that usually they are only effective when installed directly on the roof so they often only work in single-storey homes. They do not work in multi-storey apartments or office buildings and cannot be used to light up certain areas of the home such as the basement or even under the stairs.

With the Solar LED Skylight system you get the benefits of more harmonious indoor illumination, higher energy efficiency and better cost effectiveness.

Features and Benefits

Bright LED light panel

The Solar Skylight is capable of auto-adjusting the level of brightness that it emits to match external conditions, so when it is bright outside, your room will be bright inside.

When it is dark outside, the level of light inside will drop too. This is ideal as it creates an interior environment that is in harmony with the outdoors.

Very quick and easy installation

This ingenious system can be installed anywhere! It can even be installed in multi-storey housing and in high rise buildings.

What’s more, it can be used to light up even the darkest spaces and corners from the entrance, hallway and restroom to the basement, laundry, bathroom and under the stairs.

No structural changes to your home

Because the installation does not involve making a hole in the roof, you do not need to worry about the possibility of springing a leak in the roof.

Keeps noise, heat and UV outside
The solar skylight system keeps the heat, noise and UV outside. Nothing gets transferred inside except for light, which is exactly what you want.

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