Our Story

Born to prolong the roof life, look great, and
give homeowners peace of mind.

The 4 Seasons Solar Powered Vents were born to achieve three things: extend roof life, look great, and give homeowners peace of mind knowing they have a top-quality product working for them.

When we founded Canada Go Green in 2010, our goal was to create a product that would bring value to roofing contractors and homeowners. We understand that roofing is not an easy line of work. It takes careful planning, precise material sourcing, and a day or more of hard labour to get a job well done. We also understand that the work of a contractor relies on the quality of roofing materials.

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4 Seasons 10W

Featured Solar Powered Vents

4 Seasons HP+
4 Seasons HP+

The new and improved 4 Seasons HP has been completely redesigned and comes with a plus

4 Seasons PRO Solar Powered Vent
Heavy Rain, Wind and Snow

Designed specifically for sloped roofs and steep applications. Offers extra protection in severe weather.

4 Seasons Flat Roof Vent
4 Flat Roofs too!

A solar vent designed and built for residential and commercial flat roof applications. 

Vent Different.

Our high-performance vents can protect a roof against moisture and high heat, which can damage elements and cut the roof’s lifespan short.

Roof with 4 seasons vents

Quality you can trust.

We are committed to creating top quality products and we have been known to spare no effort towards this goal. All of our products are tested under very stringent conditions to meet the highest standards.

Quality you can trust
4 Seasons vent installation

Easy Install.

The materials are lightweight enough to make for a quick installation but strong enough to resist any damage. 

4 Seasons 10W vent

Sleek Design.

No homeowner wants to turn their roof into an eyesore because of a big, bulky unit. That’s why all of our products have simple, sleek designs.

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