Other Projects

Looking to ventilate a specific project?

Through time, we have seen many other projects that were successfully being implemented with our solar ventilators: sea containers, office-containers, greenhouses, sheds, motor-homes, vans, food-trucks, etc.

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Have a look at some of the examples below!

Alternative uses of solar powered vents

Outdoor Dining Dome – By Geodomes Canada

An interesting application of our solar powered vents on these dome enclosures for outdoor dining. These domes were designed and built by Geodomes Canada, and gracefully feature solar powered vents to help with air circulation inside.

Trius Winery – Niagara On The Lake, ON, Canada

Sea Containers or Storage Containers

Another useful application of our solar powered vents. A custom built curb and flashing allowed this contractor to install vents on a metal storage container. These will help ventilate the interior of the container, keeping it cool and free from moisture or mold.

SeaBoxDepot – Leduc, AB, Canada


Solar powered vents can be a great way to help circulate air throughout your greenhouse, and prevent it from over heating. Custom installation is required

Amazon Customer – Somewhere in Canada