Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Vents During Winter

Keep your Attic Dry and Well Ventilated

During the day, the sun beats down on your roof and heat builds up inside the attic. This creates an environment in the attic that is warmer than the colder temperatures outside.

This difference in temperature can allow condensation to form inside the attic. Over time this can cause very serious issues including rotting of the roof’s plywood or attic rain. After sundown, the accumulated condensation can freeze, coating the underside of the attic with ice.

Solar powered vents help keep air flowing through the attic, keeping it dry and well ventilated.

Image Reference: Condensation has coated the underside of this plywood and frozen.

Prevent Mold Buildup

In areas that are dark and damp, such as an attic with condensation, mold tends to grow. Mold can become a serious health hazard, reduce the quality of the air you breath and weaken the strength and integrity of the materials in your home.

Leading causes of mold include; blocked or insufficient ventilation, wet insulation, condensation or frost on plywood or a warm/humid environment.

Solar powered vents much more air than traditional passive vents. They work too cool and dry, removing the elements needed for mold to thrive.

Image Reference: An image showing the spread of mold in an attic.

Prevent Ice Damming

An example of a home affected by ice damming

Ice damming is a common issue in areas with colder climates and older homes which are poorly ventilated. An attic that repeatedly heats up and cools down due to lack of airflow will melt snow/ice in areas of the roof which will run water down closer to the eaves. This water will eventually freeze because it is no longer being heated up by a portion of the roof.

This process will continue over and over until there is a large buildup of ice in certain areas of your roof, which can be damaging due to the weight of the ice, and even act as a falling safety hazard.

Solar powered vents may prevent heat from building up in the attic, ensuring snow does not melt in certain areas of the roof regularly.

Keep your Insulation dry

Condensation forming in the attic can seep into existing insulation, causing it to become damp or wet. Insulation that has absorbed condensation will lose its efficiency and the R-Value will drop, making the insulation less efficient.

Solar powered attic vents may help dry the attic and keep your home’s insulation dry, protecting its integrity.